College life is amazing and full of surprises. There is a lot of exploring, self realization, hook ups and millions of other things. This is what makes college life really interesting. With this very many interesting involvements, it is very easy to get caught up in between scenarios. Many are the times most students are in dilemmas of many types. They argue with their conscience on whether to do the right thing or give in to the wicked urge of risking their academic life by exploring new things and getting involved in crimes. They say bad company ruins good morals, which is very true. You can’t help being a drug peddler if your friends are, and they are making serious money out of it, as much as you could be the holiest of the holies. If your peers always miss classes, pay their friends so that they can write dissertations for them, instead of researching and giving it a shot despite the technicality in the dissertation writing ,sooner or later you will you will be a victim as well. Fighting with your conscience and peer pressure is a war that can be very tough and it’s only the disciplined and them that can shun evil for the right things survive.

            It is at this point that the question on your morality comes up. There are consequences to either side you choose. If you choose your friends to your education you embrace failure in your life, and if you choose your studies to the useless things, you stand to be a victor. However this does not mean that for there are no good friends, they are there sure and we must make the right choices in this life and remember that it is individual performance that counts at the end of the journey.