Statistics show that there are so many unemployed graduates just hanging in there, waiting for a wonder to happen. There is danger in keeping all your eggs in a single basket and it’s so unfortunate that most of our college students toil with the aim of being employed. It’s pretty much like the politicians or the old men of the council who take sides blindly, make decisions for the entire state not because of what is right but what they think is right.  This together with the general satisfaction that enough of inventions have been made already deters any progress of substance in the today’s generation. Let’s face it guys, the corporate world, and in this case I am focusing on the white collar jobs, does not have the capacity to absorb every graduate.

It has been a norm that when students join campus, they all engage in online businesses such as dissertation writing, article writing, research work or even thesis writing among others. These are bright minds for heaven’s sake. Brilliant ideas like dealing with stocks are a very lucrative venture but it’s very rare that you will find university guys having interest in it. Frankly this is what happens; we are unfair to ourselves. We concentrate wholly in one field and flock it with resources whereas there are only limited slots. We forget that there are numerous untapped potentials and some of them are those we despise or have an attitude unfortunate the dawn of realization shines on most of the students when it’s too late; when they already gave up on their dreams, their hope in life, and their self-trust dies away. They say, we learn through mistakes, but do we have to wait until we make our own? A lot of blunders have already happened, the damage is already done and learning from these is vital. If you want to save your sole, walk on your heels.