I don’t like talking about myself so much unless if I have to. I have over time learnt to be independent; do things on my own, hate consultations and somehow I find solutions to problems. I am a fan of extorting information from others, always trying to be a step ahead of them. Let us just say I am selfish and jealous and as the nature of human being, I am an ill-hearted competitor. I am the kind of person who will enter the library and reach every classmate present greeting them, but aiming to see what they are studying so I include it in my to-do list. I have to say it now; I am never a team player.

There is this one time though I got a shock of a lifetime. I arrived one Tuesday morning from home, missed the Monday lesson. I went straight to my ‘closest’ friend to find out what they did the previous day. This time my world turned around. There was an assignment on dissertation which was due in two weeks, that scared me because the only lesson that I missed in my three years of college was about the one thing I had in vain tried understanding; dissertation writing. On the other hand I was not ready to let go off my ego and ask for guidance from. Clearly there was need to do something. I was thinking of hiring someone to do it for me even if it meant paying to swear them to secrecy. I never imagined anyone thinking of me as a looser. I contemplated on the matter and thought that hiring a classmate would be a shame, since the news would finally leak. Again hiring a junior is lowering my dignity, so I chose going technological went online opened an account and hired the online contractors. In the end it was done, believe me the lady I contracted was from our class and you expect what transpired. Self-acceptance is a paramount virtue in success.