With the great competition in the world today whereby, getting a college of your choice is quite an issue, the college life is another tough life which spills over to the outside world. There global recession hence the reason many are people jobless despite their beautiful certificates. Graduates are tar making for several years after college and finally end up doing odd jobs or going back to school with the hope things will get better. In the job sector competition among the employees for the best titles with high pay. One would really wonder whether college education is really important. Life is just very vigorous and it is the fittest that survive. It is really tough but I believe the toughest of all is facing the difficulties of life without a certificate than with it. Education is an investment that appreciates and never depreciates at any one time.

The graduates who stand the many challenges of college life and emerge as victors have the hope of being better people in the future. They become responsible and just don’t sit and wait for the welfare money from the government but work hard to achieve their life time goals. They have a starting point in life unlike an individual who did not get to see the class wall, listen to the long lectures, write dissertations and sit for their examinations. Education gives hope and self confidence. It is with good credentials that an individual is able to get themselves a good job, earn good money and therefore live a dignified life if discipline is maintained.

College education is always a good legacy for the society and for your children in the future. They will always want to be like daddy or mummy and out do them if possible. A parent’s education is a good foundation for their children in the future. Despite all the difficulties in college and out of college, there is no doubt that education is the key to a successful life.