College mothers are a common thing in college; they face many problems from conception. Issues with stigma, morning sicknesses, a belly that enlarges day by day and the psychological torture that comes with pregnancies. Amidst all these they are expected not to forget their class work and to bear in mind that in case of poor grades, the transcript will not indicate that you were having problems and neither will an employer listen to the explanation. Despite the difficulties, they must attend classes, pass their assessments with flying colors, write excellent thesis papers and revise for the exams thoroughly. In all these that a girl child goes through during pregnancy, the crowd always forgets that there was another person involved and that is the daddy. For most college pregnancies, the daddies are also college students off course with a few exceptions. I have always wondered what goes through their minds.

I believe to some extent they actually feel they need to man up to their job well done by being responsible, by offering moral and emotional support. From my little knowledge about men, I believe it is always fulfilling when a man is able to provide for their loved ones but in this case what happens to the student daddy who cannot provide for themselves and always operate on the tightest budget. I believe they get affected somehow and this affects them directly or indirectly in their academic performances and most of them end up seeking dissertation help from their friends as well as financial help.

They say there is a right time for everything and the right place too. Unwanted pregnancies are by all means avoidable by the simple act of practicing safe sex. Therefore, every student should be careful and avoid any academic distractions by all means possible.