Students have different perceptions about their professors for their own reasons. These perceptions sometimes contribute to the learning dynamics in their classroom. A professor is a human being who might not always be interesting to listen to. Some professors are very irritating, may be you just don’t like his voice, their hygiene is wanting, their insults are too harsh, some are very serious in class and thereby get boring, some are racists, other just come to class because they have but not because they want to teach the students.

Sometimes a lecturer can fail a whole class in an exam or a quiz which is very annoying, having it mind that you spent the whole night reading for the following day’s paper in the effort to have good grades in the quiz. On the other hand students make their professors behave the way they do. We all know that some students are very annoying and out to waste time and interrupt the class with stupid question so as to pass time. If a professor is very annoying to the extremes a student has a right to seek help from the school administration.

However it is worth noting that, life does not always present us with all we want. Some situations are difficult and we have to live with them. Every professor was once a student and passed all a student does be it dissertation writing, failing in exams, defended their thesis, spending long nights reading and a lot more. Therefore a professor might not be interesting but he passes the message that is he does his work. It is therefore upon every student to have it in mind that the professor has made his life and it’s time to make yours. The priorities of attending college should forever remain intact as long college life exists.