Finances have always been a thing students rarely are contended with despite how much money guardians give them. They will always receive those phone calls between the semesters explaining some fake sickness of fake trips all in the effort to acquire some money after over spending and doing impulse buying. Lucky are the students whose guardians are able to send then the money. Some students really got to work hard by doing part time jobs so as to be able to survive in college. Others do a lot of thesis writing for their friends so as to make some money that would enable them survive.

Money is a known source of evils in colleges since students would do anything to acquire some status in fashion, style, high end cars and as well participate in the social life with the other students who got what it takes to be there.

Every student is advised on making a logical budget and prioritizing the most important needs for survival. Managing the little that a student has helps them to avoid suffering in the later days of the semester. This also helps an individual in the outside world when they start earning their money. Choosing what is important to buy is also a point of great consideration because sometimes what a student buys with their money just doesn’t make sense and then they suffer sooner or later.

Students should always make sure they plan their finances and expenses properly to avoid problems that would affect their academics. For instance, there have been cases where a student’s buy clothes with their money and they are left with cash that cannot feed them for the next few days which becomes a problem since a student cannot concentrate on their class work neither write good thesis papers while they have no peace of mind.