Life is not always what we want it to be. We work really hard to achieve our dreams and goals but it’s not obvious that we will get what we wanted. When a woman conceives they really wish the baby could be a girl or a boy but upon having the scan nature gives what is best for them. The same thing happens to students a student would study really hard to be an English teacher, attend all the classes on time, perform very well in their internship, write the best dissertations and they have all it takes to be the best teacher in the world. Upon graduation, the student is handed a very good certificate and the journey to seek a job commences. They could be lucky enough to secure themselves a good job full time or part time or a small contract. With great joy they give their best but after a short while the contract ends and there are bills to be paid, the student’s loan is keeping you on toes and one may get disappointed.

However the essays that we wrote in class one would take them for granted but they could be a good source of income. If at all many students make a living out of dissertation writing then why not try it out as one continues to secure themselves a job. It could pay rent and pay bills as we await the dream job. Therefore it is important for every student to do everything with passion and try as much as possible to take it positively no matter how challenging it could be. As a student it could be the last thing in a student’s mind that after graduation they would continue writing essays to make a living. Facing the market with an open mind work for good for all graduates because when life slaps you slap it back.