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College Daddies

College mothers are a common thing in college; they face many problems from conception. Issues with stigma, morning sicknesses, a belly that enlarges day by day and the psychological torture that comes with pregnancies. Amidst all these they are expected not to forget their class work and to bear in mind that in case of poor grades, the transcript will not indicate that you were having problems and neither will an employer listen to the explanation. Despite the difficulties, they must attend classes, pass their assessments with flying colors, write excellent thesis papers and revise for the exams thoroughly. In all these that a girl child goes through during pregnancy, the crowd always forgets that there was another person involved and that is the daddy. For most college pregnancies, the daddies are also college students off course with a few exceptions. I have always wondered what goes through their minds.

I believe to some extent they actually feel they need to man up to their job well done by being responsible, by offering moral and emotional support. From my little knowledge about men, I believe it is always fulfilling when a man is able to provide for their loved ones but in this case what happens to the student daddy who cannot provide for themselves and always operate on the tightest budget. I believe they get affected somehow and this affects them directly or indirectly in their academic performances and most of them end up seeking dissertation help from their friends as well as financial help.

They say there is a right time for everything and the right place too. Unwanted pregnancies are by all means avoidable by the simple act of practicing safe sex. Therefore, every student should be careful and avoid any academic distractions by all means possible.


College Professors

Students have different perceptions about their professors for their own reasons. These perceptions sometimes contribute to the learning dynamics in their classroom. A professor is a human being who might not always be interesting to listen to. Some professors are very irritating, may be you just don’t like his voice, their hygiene is wanting, their insults are too harsh, some are very serious in class and thereby get boring, some are racists, other just come to class because they have but not because they want to teach the students.

Sometimes a lecturer can fail a whole class in an exam or a quiz which is very annoying, having it mind that you spent the whole night reading for the following day’s paper in the effort to have good grades in the quiz. On the other hand students make their professors behave the way they do. We all know that some students are very annoying and out to waste time and interrupt the class with stupid question so as to pass time. If a professor is very annoying to the extremes a student has a right to seek help from the school administration.

However it is worth noting that, life does not always present us with all we want. Some situations are difficult and we have to live with them. Every professor was once a student and passed all a student does be it dissertation writing, failing in exams, defended their thesis, spending long nights reading and a lot more. Therefore a professor might not be interesting but he passes the message that is he does his work. It is therefore upon every student to have it in mind that the professor has made his life and it’s time to make yours. The priorities of attending college should forever remain intact as long college life exists.

Finance and Expenses

Finances have always been a thing students rarely are contended with despite how much money guardians give them. They will always receive those phone calls between the semesters explaining some fake sickness of fake trips all in the effort to acquire some money after over spending and doing impulse buying. Lucky are the students whose guardians are able to send then the money. Some students really got to work hard by doing part time jobs so as to be able to survive in college. Others do a lot of thesis writing for their friends so as to make some money that would enable them survive.

Money is a known source of evils in colleges since students would do anything to acquire some status in fashion, style, high end cars and as well participate in the social life with the other students who got what it takes to be there.

Every student is advised on making a logical budget and prioritizing the most important needs for survival. Managing the little that a student has helps them to avoid suffering in the later days of the semester. This also helps an individual in the outside world when they start earning their money. Choosing what is important to buy is also a point of great consideration because sometimes what a student buys with their money just doesn’t make sense and then they suffer sooner or later.

Students should always make sure they plan their finances and expenses properly to avoid problems that would affect their academics. For instance, there have been cases where a student’s buy clothes with their money and they are left with cash that cannot feed them for the next few days which becomes a problem since a student cannot concentrate on their class work neither write good thesis papers while they have no peace of mind.

Taking it Positively

Life is not always what we want it to be. We work really hard to achieve our dreams and goals but it’s not obvious that we will get what we wanted. When a woman conceives they really wish the baby could be a girl or a boy but upon having the scan nature gives what is best for them. The same thing happens to students a student would study really hard to be an English teacher, attend all the classes on time, perform very well in their internship, write the best dissertations and they have all it takes to be the best teacher in the world. Upon graduation, the student is handed a very good certificate and the journey to seek a job commences. They could be lucky enough to secure themselves a good job full time or part time or a small contract. With great joy they give their best but after a short while the contract ends and there are bills to be paid, the student’s loan is keeping you on toes and one may get disappointed.

However the essays that we wrote in class one would take them for granted but they could be a good source of income. If at all many students make a living out of dissertation writing then why not try it out as one continues to secure themselves a job. It could pay rent and pay bills as we await the dream job. Therefore it is important for every student to do everything with passion and try as much as possible to take it positively no matter how challenging it could be. As a student it could be the last thing in a student’s mind that after graduation they would continue writing essays to make a living. Facing the market with an open mind work for good for all graduates because when life slaps you slap it back.