Sometimes in life we get very desperate for whatever reasons, and at this point we take desperate measures to sort out the issues at hand. It is very common for students to get desperate over different issues, the most pressing one being money. They can do absolutely anything to get money be it stealing, getting sugar mummies and sugar daddies, murdering, robbing banks, drug trafficking or basically joining illegal gangs. Some students also get very desperate for good grades and good academic scores, therefore engaging in activities like seducing their lecturers, seeking sexual favors, hacking the university system for access to the exams and answers as well, paying for dissertation help from fellow students. Some students are even desperate for love which sometimes could go to the extremes of murder out of jealousy.

I believe there is always a solution to every problem. The solution could come with some penalties but it better do, than lowering one’s self dignity and integrity as well. For example, a student could be late to present their thesis paper but instead of seeking a favor from a lecturer, accept the penalty and learn from their mistakes because once bitten twice shy. The successful people can bear me witness that it’s not always a smooth path, because not a single human being is perfect. We make mistakes but the best thing is to learn from them and to avoid a reoccurrence.

To avoid these desperate times, planning is important, and doing the right thing. These desperate measure that students engage in cost them a lot in life. It could be a discontinuation from school, some students land in the arms of the law due to illegal activities like drug trafficking, others acquire sexually transmitted diseases, others spend their life in jails from activities like murder. The repercussions of these desperate measures are most at times very painful and therefore, it is advisable to avoid these desperate measures by proper planning and doing the right thing.