I have very few weaknesses in my life, but one of them undoubtedly has to be the fact that I love beautiful ladies. I know somebody may say to me that ninety percent of dudes like beautiful ladies but the truth of the matter is that I am different in the sense that I am always unable to think straight in the presence of a really pretty chick. My mind always refuses to be coaxed and I can’t synchronize my thoughts as I know I can in the absence of the lady in question. I am in campus now, and if I was to be honest and tell you the number of ladies I have bedded up and until now then I would mention a number well approaching fifty.

I thought I was over it when I joined campus two years ago and landed a lucrative job as a part-time dissertation and thesis writer but I was wrong. I always insist that whatever landed me in my first misdemeanor in campus wasn’t my fault at all, although I can’t tell whose mistake it was if you were to ask me. My best friend when I got into campus was called Paul. Paul had a very cute girlfriend called Lucy that took into me immediately Paul introduced us.

I did my best to keep myself from her sexy eyes but eventually I failed. What aided my fall was the fact that she was also interested in me as much as I was interested in her. She used to call me and together we could organize secret rendezvous points. One day we were bound to be found and Paul finding out wasn’t a surprise to me, though I must admit that it indeed did hurt me. My character has improved considerably since, but my weakness still troubles me. I hope it ends one day.