I am a different kettle of fish from everyone else; I don’t like quality food like everybody else. If it changes anything, perhaps it would be important for you to know that I prefer quantity to quality food anytime, any day and more importantly anywhere. I don’t give a damn where I have my meal, though I think that may change when I get married and the whole damned issue of in-laws comes into play. In that case I will have to mind my eating habits, don’t you think? Another thing that sets me apart from other common folk is the issue of attending classes in campus.

I honestly believe that not all lessons are worth attending for a variety of reasons. The main reason and I am sure you guessed right if you bothered to guess in the first place is the lecturers. Some lecturers don’t inspire their students by virtue of how they teach. Such are the kind of lecturers that one may decide to fail to attend to their lessons and not care a fig about them, or regret his or her actions for that matter. Other than writing a thesis or thesis paper on the subject in question, there is basically no other place where such lecturers interact with their students other than during exam time.

It is indeed true that I am quite an influential guy in my campus class, if the number of classmates I have influenced to miss attending certain lectures is everything to go by. Some lecturers are so poor at explaining something that it is practically possible to learn more on your own than with them. In fact, that forms the basis of most of the lessons I miss. Once I conclude that I can do more on my own, I always decide that some lectures are just not worth attending.