Payback time is an expression normally associated with revenge or at the very least something with a negative connotation. If you wrong somebody and the person reciprocates, most likely better or worse than you did, then the time that he is doing that is called payback time. In this scenario however, the payback time I have in mind is actually different from revenge or anything close to that. In education there should be an element of payback if it is not already there in the mindset of students as they pursue their academic dreams. Parents sort of make a long-term investment when they decide to educate their children in schools and colleges.

This is an important point in my estimation because you know as well as I do that no matter how you look at it, education is a long term investment more so to the parents and to the government than to the student himself or herself. When a parent decides to facilitate the passage of his child through school by furnishing him with the requisite material, fees inclusive, he always does this with the strong belief and hope that one day things will work well for his child and that the child will secure a future that will ensure he lives a decent life.

Most campus students-especially those who begin making money while still in campus as thesis and dissertation writers-often forget the role their parents have played in their lives to get them where they are. That is a bad thing, and I would like to discourage it in the strongest possible way. Parents too deserve to benefit from their children’s success, if not directly then indirectly. A good child will ensure his parents lead a brilliant life, chiefly in their sunset years. In the unlikely but possible event that students don’t like their parents for whatever reason, they should always remember how important their parents have been in their school and campus lives.