Anybody who comes from an average or poor family background and makes it through campus ought to be respected, regardless of whether he actually makes it through the university with first class honors or not. This is for the simple reason that university life is challenging and unless a student has a steady supply of finances, then life may be unbearable at some point. I am speaking from experience and hence you can be certain that I am cognizant of what I am talking about. I joined campus three years ago with my expectations held high-at least as far as how comfortable my life would be in campus was concerned-but that was never to be.

My parents are peasants, and it was through the help of a paternal uncle that I managed to go through my elementary school, my high school and my first year university education. He was to take me through my entire college education but for a fatal accident that cut short his life. It also cut short my ‘comfort’ in campus as I had to fend for myself, having the kind of parents I had. I embarked on dissertation and thesis writing on part time in a bid to sustain myself but it wasn’t working out. I then decided to be a dealer of computers and computer accessories.

I do buy the accessories in bulk at a fair price then sell them to my campus mates at a slightly higher price but which is lower than what you can find from the genuine dealers in the market if you were to buy it singly. It has proved to be a good way of investing money as it has sustained me in campus for the past two or so years. There are many students who are in the same predicament as me but the difference is that most of them engage in unorthodox means of making money like robbery, mugging, theft, looting and what have you. It is unfortunate, but it does happen.