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Are You In A Dilemma?

            College life is amazing and full of surprises. There is a lot of exploring, self realization, hook ups and millions of other things. This is what makes college life really interesting. With this very many interesting involvements, it is very easy to get caught up in between scenarios. Many are the times most students are in dilemmas of many types. They argue with their conscience on whether to do the right thing or give in to the wicked urge of risking their academic life by exploring new things and getting involved in crimes. They say bad company ruins good morals, which is very true. You can’t help being a drug peddler if your friends are, and they are making serious money out of it, as much as you could be the holiest of the holies. If your peers always miss classes, pay their friends so that they can write dissertations for them, instead of researching and giving it a shot despite the technicality in the dissertation writing ,sooner or later you will you will be a victim as well. Fighting with your conscience and peer pressure is a war that can be very tough and it’s only the disciplined and them that can shun evil for the right things survive.

            It is at this point that the question on your morality comes up. There are consequences to either side you choose. If you choose your friends to your education you embrace failure in your life, and if you choose your studies to the useless things, you stand to be a victor. However this does not mean that for there are no good friends, they are there sure and we must make the right choices in this life and remember that it is individual performance that counts at the end of the journey.


I know the aforementioned topic is not everybody’s cup of tea, more so if dissertation and thesis writers are among the ‘everybody’, but I will be lying if I say I am bothered by that. This is for the simple reason that I know for a fact that it is true that all undergraduates are the same. The similitude is not in the character traits of the undergraduates-of course in that case they can never be the same-but rather as concerns their career prospects. It hurts but it is true that for the most part the career prospects of a student who undertook law in campus is not very different from that of the one who took a business course, say Bachelor of Commerce or an Engineering course.

It may not appear realistic if you haven’t been keen in the job market but the reality couldn’t be closer to the truth. I personally speak from personal experience because what I do in the job market is very different from what I studied in campus. I studied Electrical engineering in the university but believe it or not I am now pursuing a career in medical technology. I also happen to work on part-time in a law firm.

If that did not shock you enough then consider that my best friend who did the same course as I in campus is now working for the United Nations in the public relations department. The short and long of this story is that all undergraduates are the same , or better still there is none of them that is better than the other when it comes to the job market. I know while in campus there are some students that like chest thumping and feeling smug about their courses and how nice they think they are; for all I care to know I would rather they refrained from that because any student can end up doing what they are studying in the job market and vice-versa.

Biggest Mistakes

Statistics show that there are so many unemployed graduates just hanging in there, waiting for a wonder to happen. There is danger in keeping all your eggs in a single basket and it’s so unfortunate that most of our college students toil with the aim of being employed. It’s pretty much like the politicians or the old men of the council who take sides blindly, make decisions for the entire state not because of what is right but what they think is right.  This together with the general satisfaction that enough of inventions have been made already deters any progress of substance in the today’s generation. Let’s face it guys, the corporate world, and in this case I am focusing on the white collar jobs, does not have the capacity to absorb every graduate.

It has been a norm that when students join campus, they all engage in online businesses such as dissertation writing, article writing, research work or even thesis writing among others. These are bright minds for heaven’s sake. Brilliant ideas like dealing with stocks are a very lucrative venture but it’s very rare that you will find university guys having interest in it. Frankly this is what happens; we are unfair to ourselves. We concentrate wholly in one field and flock it with resources whereas there are only limited slots. We forget that there are numerous untapped potentials and some of them are those we despise or have an attitude unfortunate the dawn of realization shines on most of the students when it’s too late; when they already gave up on their dreams, their hope in life, and their self-trust dies away. They say, we learn through mistakes, but do we have to wait until we make our own? A lot of blunders have already happened, the damage is already done and learning from these is vital. If you want to save your sole, walk on your heels.

A Life in Denial

I don’t like talking about myself so much unless if I have to. I have over time learnt to be independent; do things on my own, hate consultations and somehow I find solutions to problems. I am a fan of extorting information from others, always trying to be a step ahead of them. Let us just say I am selfish and jealous and as the nature of human being, I am an ill-hearted competitor. I am the kind of person who will enter the library and reach every classmate present greeting them, but aiming to see what they are studying so I include it in my to-do list. I have to say it now; I am never a team player.

There is this one time though I got a shock of a lifetime. I arrived one Tuesday morning from home, missed the Monday lesson. I went straight to my ‘closest’ friend to find out what they did the previous day. This time my world turned around. There was an assignment on dissertation which was due in two weeks, that scared me because the only lesson that I missed in my three years of college was about the one thing I had in vain tried understanding; dissertation writing. On the other hand I was not ready to let go off my ego and ask for guidance from. Clearly there was need to do something. I was thinking of hiring someone to do it for me even if it meant paying to swear them to secrecy. I never imagined anyone thinking of me as a looser. I contemplated on the matter and thought that hiring a classmate would be a shame, since the news would finally leak. Again hiring a junior is lowering my dignity, so I chose going technological went online opened an account and hired the online contractors. In the end it was done, believe me the lady I contracted was from our class and you expect what transpired. Self-acceptance is a paramount virtue in success.

College Education

With the great competition in the world today whereby, getting a college of your choice is quite an issue, the college life is another tough life which spills over to the outside world. There global recession hence the reason many are people jobless despite their beautiful certificates. Graduates are tar making for several years after college and finally end up doing odd jobs or going back to school with the hope things will get better. In the job sector competition among the employees for the best titles with high pay. One would really wonder whether college education is really important. Life is just very vigorous and it is the fittest that survive. It is really tough but I believe the toughest of all is facing the difficulties of life without a certificate than with it. Education is an investment that appreciates and never depreciates at any one time.

The graduates who stand the many challenges of college life and emerge as victors have the hope of being better people in the future. They become responsible and just don’t sit and wait for the welfare money from the government but work hard to achieve their life time goals. They have a starting point in life unlike an individual who did not get to see the class wall, listen to the long lectures, write dissertations and sit for their examinations. Education gives hope and self confidence. It is with good credentials that an individual is able to get themselves a good job, earn good money and therefore live a dignified life if discipline is maintained.

College education is always a good legacy for the society and for your children in the future. They will always want to be like daddy or mummy and out do them if possible. A parent’s education is a good foundation for their children in the future. Despite all the difficulties in college and out of college, there is no doubt that education is the key to a successful life.

College Daddies

College mothers are a common thing in college; they face many problems from conception. Issues with stigma, morning sicknesses, a belly that enlarges day by day and the psychological torture that comes with pregnancies. Amidst all these they are expected not to forget their class work and to bear in mind that in case of poor grades, the transcript will not indicate that you were having problems and neither will an employer listen to the explanation. Despite the difficulties, they must attend classes, pass their assessments with flying colors, write excellent thesis papers and revise for the exams thoroughly. In all these that a girl child goes through during pregnancy, the crowd always forgets that there was another person involved and that is the daddy. For most college pregnancies, the daddies are also college students off course with a few exceptions. I have always wondered what goes through their minds.

I believe to some extent they actually feel they need to man up to their job well done by being responsible, by offering moral and emotional support. From my little knowledge about men, I believe it is always fulfilling when a man is able to provide for their loved ones but in this case what happens to the student daddy who cannot provide for themselves and always operate on the tightest budget. I believe they get affected somehow and this affects them directly or indirectly in their academic performances and most of them end up seeking dissertation help from their friends as well as financial help.

They say there is a right time for everything and the right place too. Unwanted pregnancies are by all means avoidable by the simple act of practicing safe sex. Therefore, every student should be careful and avoid any academic distractions by all means possible.

College Professors

Students have different perceptions about their professors for their own reasons. These perceptions sometimes contribute to the learning dynamics in their classroom. A professor is a human being who might not always be interesting to listen to. Some professors are very irritating, may be you just don’t like his voice, their hygiene is wanting, their insults are too harsh, some are very serious in class and thereby get boring, some are racists, other just come to class because they have but not because they want to teach the students.

Sometimes a lecturer can fail a whole class in an exam or a quiz which is very annoying, having it mind that you spent the whole night reading for the following day’s paper in the effort to have good grades in the quiz. On the other hand students make their professors behave the way they do. We all know that some students are very annoying and out to waste time and interrupt the class with stupid question so as to pass time. If a professor is very annoying to the extremes a student has a right to seek help from the school administration.

However it is worth noting that, life does not always present us with all we want. Some situations are difficult and we have to live with them. Every professor was once a student and passed all a student does be it dissertation writing, failing in exams, defended their thesis, spending long nights reading and a lot more. Therefore a professor might not be interesting but he passes the message that is he does his work. It is therefore upon every student to have it in mind that the professor has made his life and it’s time to make yours. The priorities of attending college should forever remain intact as long college life exists.

Finance and Expenses

Finances have always been a thing students rarely are contended with despite how much money guardians give them. They will always receive those phone calls between the semesters explaining some fake sickness of fake trips all in the effort to acquire some money after over spending and doing impulse buying. Lucky are the students whose guardians are able to send then the money. Some students really got to work hard by doing part time jobs so as to be able to survive in college. Others do a lot of thesis writing for their friends so as to make some money that would enable them survive.

Money is a known source of evils in colleges since students would do anything to acquire some status in fashion, style, high end cars and as well participate in the social life with the other students who got what it takes to be there.

Every student is advised on making a logical budget and prioritizing the most important needs for survival. Managing the little that a student has helps them to avoid suffering in the later days of the semester. This also helps an individual in the outside world when they start earning their money. Choosing what is important to buy is also a point of great consideration because sometimes what a student buys with their money just doesn’t make sense and then they suffer sooner or later.

Students should always make sure they plan their finances and expenses properly to avoid problems that would affect their academics. For instance, there have been cases where a student’s buy clothes with their money and they are left with cash that cannot feed them for the next few days which becomes a problem since a student cannot concentrate on their class work neither write good thesis papers while they have no peace of mind.

Taking it Positively

Life is not always what we want it to be. We work really hard to achieve our dreams and goals but it’s not obvious that we will get what we wanted. When a woman conceives they really wish the baby could be a girl or a boy but upon having the scan nature gives what is best for them. The same thing happens to students a student would study really hard to be an English teacher, attend all the classes on time, perform very well in their internship, write the best dissertations and they have all it takes to be the best teacher in the world. Upon graduation, the student is handed a very good certificate and the journey to seek a job commences. They could be lucky enough to secure themselves a good job full time or part time or a small contract. With great joy they give their best but after a short while the contract ends and there are bills to be paid, the student’s loan is keeping you on toes and one may get disappointed.

However the essays that we wrote in class one would take them for granted but they could be a good source of income. If at all many students make a living out of dissertation writing then why not try it out as one continues to secure themselves a job. It could pay rent and pay bills as we await the dream job. Therefore it is important for every student to do everything with passion and try as much as possible to take it positively no matter how challenging it could be. As a student it could be the last thing in a student’s mind that after graduation they would continue writing essays to make a living. Facing the market with an open mind work for good for all graduates because when life slaps you slap it back.

Academic Probation

Day one in college, all students are usually ready to face what college life has to offer and achieve the best to their abilities through thick and thin. At that moment they visualize about the future and all they see is achieved dreams, doctors, musicians, engineers, artists, great people in the future. It all starts with great energy, punctual class attendance, and proper research for dissertations and frequent visits to the library to gain more knowledge.

There is proper participation of a student in class which is evident in their class assessments results and exam performances too, whereas for some it fades and the grades go from excellent to worse and others keep it burning and maintain the hard work. This new college life presents the new students with new things they never had before. Freedom is the most celebrated of all. It also comes with great excitement especially after meeting new people and making new friends.

It is at this point that self control is vital in everything a student does. It is easy to lose track in the early days of college and by the time one realizes it is probably too late .Some students perform really poorly due to lack of concentration and engagement in other useless activities. At this point an academic warning comes blinking the red signals. This academic probation most at time serves as a wakeup call for the many students at slumber land. For sure academic probation works for good for most students upon realization that college life is not a bed of roses. Some wake and dust their feet and take what it take to get back on course. The probation has an impact on their grades and therefore they have to work harder to counter the effect. Class attendance improves; they research for their thesis properly and finally realize it’s about dedication.